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apt-get upgrade on Deborah

Deborah is my Debian box at work. Until the day before yesterday it had an “old” 2.6.11 kernel, an “old” Xorg 6.8, an “old” KDE 3.4 and a old nvidia driver:

  • The linux nvidia driver 8178 support Xorg 6.9 while last ATI driver don’t
  • hotplug is no longer in Sid. I have never been able to understand how it worked and how to configure/tune it, so I’m not sad it’s gone.
  • Cervisia 3.5 still do not support subversion while the whole KDE project moved to this wonderfull VCS. Its creator tell us why.
  • k3b package for kde 3.5 is in Sid so I delete my self compiled one.
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