I found no answer else where so I risk myself on #debian-kernel :

[20:31:26]  [french, sorry for my english]. I guess this is not a end-user
channel, but I found nowhere else to ask this question. linux-kbuild-2.6.17 has been
missing for 1 month in experimental and it's now missing in unstable. I guess uploading a
package is not something difficult so I was wondering if there were a not technical
problem ?
[20:38:06]  it is a political problem
[20:39:26]  i think we will upload it tomorrow or so
[20:40:00]  related to the "Shouldn't we have more ftp masters" thread (I am not
good english speaker enougt to understand it).
[20:40:03]  ?
[20:40:12]  waldi: thank you for you answer.
[20:40:32]  it is related