many problems with fglrx 8.36.5

The first problem comes from the X11 driver. See this error in the Xorg.0.log file:

X version mismatch - detected, required

The debian bug is
Kano (from Kanotix) brings a solution:

The second problem is, as usual, the ugly packaging: --extract /tmp/ati
cd /tmp/ati

Edit packages/Debian/ and add exit just before the line
${PKG_BUILD_UTIL} ${PKG_BUILD_OPTIONS} > ${TmpPkgBuildOut} 2>&1. We will run dpkg-buildpackage manually:

packages/Debian/ --buildpkg experimental
cd /tmp/fglrx.XXXX

Replace x-dev by x11proto-core-dev in debian/control. Replace PKG_control := fglrx-amdcccle by PKG_control := fglrx-control in debian/rules. Still in debian/rules, remove the rm usr opt line from the clean target.

Now the package sources are ready, so run dpkg-buildpackage as usual.

#debian, #fglrx