How Vista protect you against dangerous installers

I’m using 7-zip to create simple installer for the software I develop. Many of my customers doesn’t have administrators rights and it was not a problem until recently. Vista wants adminstrator privileges to run my installers (actually a simple self extracting archive). I was wondering why Vista would require administrator privilieges to extract an archive so I tried with simple executables in Cygwin:

$ cat > foo.c
int main(void) {
   return 0;
$ gcc foo.c -o installer.exe
$ ./installer.exe
bash: ./installer.exe: Permission denied
$ mv installer.exe foo.exe
$ ./foo.exe

The conclusion of my errors and trials is that, on Vista, a dangerous file is a file wich contains the string instal in its name. I will just non longer name my archive foo-version-installer.exe but foo-version-inst.exe.

I’m now really looking forward to find other such easter eggs in Vista.