Image tiling for poster printing

Here is what I tried to print a large image (6000×4000 px) tiled on 16 A4 pages.

Jos van Eijndhoven poster

convert oisan2.png eps:- | poster -c2% -p111.76x68.58cm | ps2pdf - output2.pdf

It works but need one hour to  do the conversion. I guess it’s because it work on a Postscript file.


It’s fast but it does not manage overlap. This is something I really need.

A tiling script with Python imaging.

[preserved_text 7b75394f86f29810f2d6a77eb3294c9d /]
Then with ImageMagick:

convert -units PixelsPerInch -density 160x160 /tmp/im*.png output.pdf

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