Netbeans Initializing project…

When I start Netbeans with many open projects, the projects initialization seems to never finish. I get the “Initializing project…” message under each project, without any CPU or I/O activities, like if it was a deadlock. I don’t know why this bug appear now as I did not recently changed my version of Netbeans (still 7.3, not yet 7.4) and did not install new plugins.

Looking at the Netbeans bug tracker this has been a symptom of many different bugs: 128692, 146260, 184415.

Until I gather enough data to create a decent bug report I’ll use this workaround:

  • rm $HOME/.netbeans/7.3/config/Preferences/org/netbeans/modules/
  • start netbeans
  • change the current project group which wrongly appear empty, to any other group
  • change back to the previous group and get projects loaded