Fast Python VTK import

he Python VTK module is long to import because it load all the native VTK libraries which most of the time you won’t need. With VTK already in memory (disk cache):

$ time python -c "import vtk"

real 0m2.951s
user 0m2.964s
sys 0m1.860s

Here is a way to make it fast:

import sys
import types

class FastVTKLoader(object):
def __init__(self, modules):
self.modules = modules

def imp(self):
if not sys.meta_path:
sys.meta_path[0] = self
import vtk
return vtk

def load_module(self, name):
return types.ModuleType(name)

def find_module(self, name, path=None):
if name.startswith("vtk.vtk") and not name.endswith("Python"):
vm = name[7:]
if vm not in self.modules:
return self

vtk = FastVTKLoader(["CommonCore", "CommonDataModel", "IOXML", "FiltersExtraction"]).imp()
$ time python

real 0m0.077s
user 0m0.076s
sys 0m0.000s

Inspired by this Stackoverflow answer.

#python, #vtk