Tikiwiki to markdown converter

Here is the script I used to move my Tiki wiki to a Gitlab wiki. It just require Requests and Pandoc.

#! /usr/bin/env python

import requests
from requests.auth import HTTPBasicAuth
import re
import subprocess

with open("tikiwiki2md.conf") as f:
wiki_url = f.readline().strip()
http_user = f.readline().strip()
http_passwd = f.readline().strip()
wiki_user = f.readline().strip()
wiki_passwd = f.readline().strip()

session = requests.Session()
session.auth = (http_user, http_passwd)
response = session.get(wiki_url + '/tiki-login.php')
response = session.post(wiki_url + '/tiki-login.php', data = {'user': wiki_user, 'pass': wiki_passwd})
response = session.post(wiki_url + '/tiki-listpages.php', data = {'maxRecords': 2**30})

page_list = re.findall(r'tiki-index.php\?page=([^\"]+)', response.content)

for page in page_list:
    response = session.get(wiki_url + '/tiki-index.php?page=' + page)
    print_url = re.search(r'a title="Print" href="([^\"]+)', response.content).group(1)
    response = session.get(wiki_url + '/' + print_url)
    print "converting", page
    process = subprocess.Popen(['pandoc', '-f', 'html', '-t', 'markdown_strict-raw_html', '-o', page + '.md'], stdin=subprocess.PIPE)


For images download the img/wiki_up directory from the Tiki wiki server, add it to the git repository of the Gitlab wiki and run sed -i 's^img/wiki_up/^^g' *.md.

#gitlab, #markdown, #python, #tikiwiki